Approved learning-hours through the International Coach Federation and based on the coaching core  
         competencies as identified by the ICF, the Certified Coach Practitioner Program inspires, trains and
         certifies motivated individuals with the highest quality materials to provide the finest in life coaching
         through the use of our easy to learn, yet highly effective system of results-driven coaching
         This 12-hour program qualifies for ICF Continuing Education Units.
         Your training is lead by an outstanding team of professionals who will provide you with all the support  
         and assistance you may need to ensure your success.


A proven tool that facilitates and inspires individuals to maximize their personal and professional potential through creative process. Coaching helps clients to realize their vision, mission in life, motivate them to change and focus on their dream.



1. Learn the process and structure of coaching to coach clients.
2. Know how to coach people and understand the 5 coaching core competencies:
Establish rapport   |   Asking insightful questions   |   Listening for true meaning   |   Giving supportive feedback   |   Using your intuition
3. Understand human being at deeper level by knowing how to access personal perspective and their sub modalities
4. Be able to win other’ s heart within a second by knowing how to build rapport with them
5. Know what coaching model to apply when working with client


1. You will also receive a 2-month FREE Membership to the Art and Science of Coaching. ASC – based out of Campbellsville, Kentucky, USD who will provide you in developing a clear and precise vision for your coaching practice by following a simple, powerful, direct plan of action. A $749.00 USD value (usual entry fee).
2. Plus a free one-on-one coaching session with your Coach Mr. BJ Radomski.
3. Plus 1 session with VCI Executive coach to advise for your business.
4. Plus 3-weeks to attend  recording tele-class and receiving 3 audio & 3 class transcript of Certified Life Coach Program (the program is 24 weeks long, you receive 3/24 weeks)



1.Managers, Leaders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs wanting to know how to better communicate , improve leadership skills and motive their staff, creating a high-performance culture,. This course provides the exact tools you need. You will not only learn 5 keys component of communication BUT will own the skill you need by doing practice, role playing with the support of a coach. You will also receive constructive, supportive feedback of coach through “coaching in the moment” method
2.Those who want to launch a new career, part-time or full-time Coach. If you are a part time coach and would like to get the necessary proven steps and coaching materials, guidance to build your coaching business. This program is exactly right for you. Or if you wish to upgrade coaching skills and to get more clients within one week. We will show you steps by steps how to get more client through 7 steps by performing “Enrollment Client for Coaching”. You will receive full support from our professional coaching team to achieve your goals.. “Coaching is rewarding career with flexible hours. You can make good money from your own home”
3.Sales people who want to increase your sale by increasing their negotiation and convincing skills and communicate effectively
4.Professionals in service industry looking to better relate to customers, consultants, sales people, lawyers etc




Day One :

UNIT 1 Introduction/Background to Coaching
UNIT 2 Principles of Coaching
UNIT 3 Structure and Process of Coaching
UNIT 4 The Co-Creative Relationship / Building Rapport
UNIT 5 Skill Building – Listening
UNIT 6 Listening for Personal Prose

UNIT 7 Skill Building – Asking Great Questions
UNIT 8 Building Great Questions (Interactive Exercise)
UNIT 9 Skill Building – Giving Supportive Feedback
UNIT 10 Understanding Your Client‘s Personal Perspective (Choosing Beliefs)
UNIT 11 Circle of Personal Perspective Introduction
UNIT 12 Circle of Personal Perspective Exercise

Day Two:

UNIT 13 Welcome and Review
UNIT 14 Understanding Your Client‘s Predominant Modality
UNIT 15 Predominant Modality Exercise
UNIT 16 Introduction to Success Conversion Coaching Model
UNIT 17 Interactive Coaching Process
UNIT 18 Q & A
UNIT 19 Coaching Assertiveness
UNIT 20 Coaching Assertiveness Exercise
UNIT 21 Q & A
UNIT 22 Success Conversion Coaching – Client Enrollment Strategy
UNIT 23 The Coaching Agreement
UNIT 24 Q & A
UNIT 25 Conclusion

Successful life coaching is all about asking the right questions. It’s about helping your clients decide for themselves what their goals are and how they can achieve them. It’s about listening and understanding and helping your clients to identify and prioritize the appropriate actions needed to succeed. It is about helping clients to clearly articulate their desires and remain accountable to their objectives.

As a graduate of the Success Conversion Coaching Certified Coach Practitioner Course, you’ll know exactly what questions to ask to guide and motivate your clients to a higher level of success and a richer more fulfilling life. There is no guessing because the entire coaching format is written out for you. Study it today – coach tomorrow. Then, with just a little ongoing practice, you’ll soon be ready to begin attracting clients and growing your coaching business.

The Certified Practitioner Program is open for Registration




Coaching VCI

Executive coach Brian (BJ) Radomski is a bottom line driven professional. BJ believes it is possible to “excel peacefully” and for over 20 years he has helped many achieve this through his workshops, consulting and coaching services. Business executives in high tech, manufacturing, retail and services have been able to raise their game to a higher level with BJ in their corner.


Little Background:


BJ completed his studies in Business Administration in 1984. With this knowledge he set out to grow his first retail business in Canada. It was not long into this career that BJ learned business acumen is only a small step in creating excellence.


Looking for a way to achieve excellent results, BJ added to his knowledge by studying NLP (Neuro-Linguist Programming) and becoming certified in Emotional Intelligence Assessments (Bar-on EQ-i). Implementing these philosophies into the retail chain developed his management team to a point where they bought the company from BJ. This business success positioned BJ as a consultant and workshop leader throughout Canada.


With this under his belt BJ again went back to business. Joining a small team of others they set out to change the way golf was learned and played in North America. In 1998 (24 golf courses later) this company was sold off to the largest publicly traded golf chain in North America


After a conversation with Thomas Leonard (the father of coaching) BJ enrolled at

CoachU for their 200 hour coach training program.



Enjoy coaching through Asia


Since 1998 BJ has enjoyed a successful coaching practice. The last ten years BJ has made his home in Asia where he has worked with management teams from SME’s and MNC from around the world.

Currently BJ offers individual coaching to executives in Europe, North America and Asia as well regularly leading his own Leadership Development Certificate program and custom development workshop.






Certification Coach Training Program