Help Your Staff Gain Self-Confidence At Work

September 12, 2013
Help Your Staff Gain Self-Confidence At Work

Making an employee feel an integral part of the big picture and motivating them towards excellence while owning their part of the work is something a master manager can achieve.

Recognizing The Signs.  

Boosting morale and showing employees how to gain self confidence are the keys to employee satisfaction, retention and delivering the best work possible.  Most employees lose confidence when they don’t feel heard, appreciated, or worse, that they serve no purpose.  An employee who does not feel part of the team will eventually go rogue, looking for other career opportunities. If this sounds familiar there are easy fixes for these situations.


Get Personal.  

Holding regular meetings is a good way to check in with employee morale but it will do little if you do not follow up with one-on-one conversations that engage at the human level. A good manager makes a point to know as much as possible about his employee’s personal life, children, spouse, hobbies, etc.  This information becomes important when engaging in daily conversation, making the employee feel a human part of the company.  

Remembering birth dates, sending wishes, keeping track of children graduation are simple tasks achieved with any calendaring systems.  While they might seem simple on the surface, they should not be dealt with superficially.  Employees will sense sooner or later detect insincerity and respond better to genuine concern.


When The Going Gets Tough...  

When times are difficult for companies is when efforts should redouble at making sure everyone feels onboard.  Your employee’s work should always be recognized, good or bad times.  If the work is not up to the company’s standard, or sub-par with what is expected from the individual, it can be addressed in an intelligent manner. 

By acknowledging first the work done, the employee will feel recognized.  After that, a subtle manager will find ways of making his employee reach for higher success by showing how to achieve better results.  The employee can be brought to the realization that they have delivered the work well but that it can also be further refined.


Carrot And The Stick.

 Prizes and competition for the greatest achievement works well with most people, but not all.  If the carrot and stick don't always work, there are simple solutions for you.  In order to not alienate talents that shy away from competition, knowing how your employees function and who they are is essential.  You can then start to implement various groups where they will excel within the diversity.


Ideal Environments.  

Ideal environment I found are hybrids that cater to the two basic types -- left and right-brain thinkers.  Right brain thinkers find it easy to work with abstract thinking, while left-brain thinkers are more analytical.  Getting both to work in a group can be daunting but done correctly finds the ideal solution and how to implement it. 

Having specific goals for each type and groups can motivate them to excel.  For those who tend to be more socially aware, competition can be a good motivation for better results, but it shouldn’t be done at the detriment of those not interested in competitive ratings.


All in all, creating the perfect environment to show emplees how to gain self confidence and boost morale is a tricky process that demands from a skilled manager much insight, intuition, real, meaningful personal contact with employees and a clear vision of the goal, topped with a distinctive company culture.  The good news is all of these can easily be achieved with the help of a certified Business Coach!

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