The Co-creative Relationship

June 07, 2012
The Co-creative Relationship

Nobody can master the myriad of technical and social issues that a life coach will deal with. What then is real expertise that the life coach brings to the game?


Well, thanks then for asking this question. It's really an important question because it gets at the heart of what life coaching is and what life coaching is not.  Some people believe to add value in the coaching relationship the coach has to have a broad range of expertise to "master" the issues the client may face. 


The truth is a coach is not expected to have all the answers.  Nor is a life coach a technical or social expert.  A coaching relationship is a social relationship that's built on the coach working with the client while the client is to solve their own issues.  When a coach moves from providing support to a client to providing answers the fundamental relationship is changed.

The coach is no longer "coaching" but providing consulting or sometimes therapeutic expertise.  And while those answers may be perfect for the coach, they may not be right for the client.  In the certified coach program we teach our coaches about the co-creative relationship that exists between the coach and the client. 

In the co-creative relationship there is no authority figure with all the answers.  Instead, the relationship is of equal responsibility between the coach and the client.  The coach helps the client look deeper for the answers than they had thought possible.  Instead of providing answers the coach provides a support system for their client that includes accountability, honest, open insights, as well as new perspectives on their issues.








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