10 Tips for self-confidance buildung at work

August 24, 2013
10 Tips for self-confidance buildung at work

10 Tips To Survive In The Office With Confidence !

Tip #01: Your morning positive affirmation

Start your day with an affirmation. An affirmation is a positive statement written in the first person and present tense, like: "I can handle challenges that may occur, in confidence and with ease" or "I achieve great things, I am comfortable being myself". Say your affirmation loud or just read it in your mind, if you are not comfortable with saying it loud. Stay concentrated while stating your affirmation. Devote 15 minutes every morning in doing this.


Tip #02: Start your day with a big smile

It may seem awkward to wake up in the morning and wear a big smile on your face, but it is scientifically proven that smiling affects positively your psychological as well as physiological state and increases endurance in frustration and emotional pain. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, fake! The move of the mouth muscles provokes an increase of your body’s endorphins which helps the procedure of making you feel happier and more confident about yourself. So make it a habit and start your day with a big smile by looking yourself in the mirror. Also, try to smile as many times as possible, during the day, while executing your daily tasks.


Tip #03: Start early for work

One of the things that ruin working people’s day is the fact that they are usually late for late. So once you leave the house delayed, everything else goes wrong! There is traffic jam, the time goes by so quickly, you spill coffee on your work clothes. This causes anxiety and makes you lose your temper. As a consequence, one problem succeeds the other. Avoid it, by making it a habit to start ten minutes earlier each day. In this way, you will manage to maintain your good mood and feel the confidence of having everything under control.


Tip #04: Keep your mood up

No matter what your colleagues’ mood is, retain your positive mood. Make yourself a tea or a coffee and take a look at the tasks to be done. When you have a general idea about what the predictable work load for the day is, make a schedule with all the tasks to be executed, starting from the received emails. But before doing so, remember to say good morning to the people around you and maybe have a quick chat with the ones you know that have a positive attitude. This will strengthen your positive feeling about your work and the people you work with.


Tip #05: Manage your time effectively and prioritize your tasks

Why is it that some of us manage to get everything done within 24-hour period while others don’t? These 24 hours have exactly the same length for everyone, no matter if you live a busy life or not. The answer to the question is one, simple word: FOCUS!

If you need to perform a task you must stay focused and avoid being distracted by anything else, no matter what kind of task you’re performing. The task needs to be chosen, as the one which you need to conduct most, or its priority. As soon as you have reached the desired outcome, you can move on with performing the next task.

To manage your time effectively, follow these 3 steps:

  • Select the task with highest priority and re-prioritize the tasks left to be executed, as soon as you’re ready with the one you’re working on at the moment.
  • Exclude all the others. These will have to wait until the completion of the chosen one.
  • Put all your efforts into performing the priority task with all your skills and excellence of performance, so that you won’t have to come back to it, after you’ll have finished.


Tip #06: Prepare yourself for the meetings

A meeting is the time of your work day where you have the chance to express your opinion, present facts and analyze reports’ figures or present an idea you may have on how to improve a work procedure or change a routine that will decrease the company’s expenses.

However, instead of taking this opportunity to show your competence and share your knowledge and experience with your co-workers, meetings time is a torture for you. Most of the times, this is because of lack of preparation or lack of confidence to speak to a group of people. So, ask yourself: what is it that causes you negative feelings about a meeting? After finding the root of your anxiety and fear, take your time to prepare properly. Gather as many facts as you can, have in hand all information needed and answers to probable questions. Furthermore, prepare the presentation of your idea or proposal and make enough probes, until you feel comfortable with conducting it in the meeting room.


Tip #07: Avoid conflicts

Working with “difficult” people is part of your job and you know that. This is not something you can avoid. What you CAN avoid is getting into conflict with such people. Retaining your positive attitude and calmness helps you stay productive and avoid making mistakes, caused by negative emotional state.

But how can you respond to such a situations in a way you will behave professionally and will not be affected by your spontaneous feelings of answering back in an aggressive way? How would you like to respond? Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left hand, describe the way you usually react. How do you feel? What do you say? How does your body respond? And how do you feel after you have reacted in this specific way? Are you satisfied or you regret it?

On the right side, describe the way you want to react. Describe how you want to feel (calm, confident, etc.) and how you want your body to respond (breathing slowly, normal heartbeat, smiling, etc.) Now, you know what you do and you also know what you REALLY want to do. So, start implementing it! Every time you put your ideal response in practice, you will get better results and you will see your work life improving.


Tip #08: Take a break

Whatever you do and no matter how busy your day is, make sure you take a break often, to restore your mental clarity and relax for a few minutes.

Taking a break, not only help us feel rejuvenated and empowered but also help us see things clearer and regain our confidence regarding our ability to execute the remaining open tasks. And this is because, the moment we’re experiencing a situation and being stressed, we tend to feel confused and to doubt our ability to handle various tasks, decreasing, in this way, our confidence and competence level.


Tip #09: Make peace with criticism

As human beings, one of the most difficult things to do is accept criticism. The same goes with being criticized at the workplace, mostly about the quality of our work, and not only. Nevertheless, it’s a part of the job you have to learn to live with.

Therefore, change your attitude towards being criticized by changing the way you evaluate it and the way you respond to it, as well. Learn to separate negative, bitter criticism from creative criticism that could be used for your own development. Avoid paying attention to the first form of criticism, accepting the fact that there always going to be people around us who are satisfied by saying something bad for other people and hurt their feelings and face the second form of criticism as a way to get a useful feedback on what you need to improve on the way you do your job. Being criticized is your chance to get a neutral feedback from someone, whose intention is not to tell you want you want to hear or avoid hurting your feelings. So, at least you know that there’s a piece of truth in there.


Tip #10: Celebrate your “small” successes

It’s a usual thing to do to neglect our victories and pay attention only to what we’ve failed to accomplish or what’s still left to do. But how fair is this? We usually work very hard and spend a lot of time and energy on achieving a goal. And what do we do when we get there? We take it for granted and we focus immediately on something else. In this way, not only do we lose the opportunity to feel joy about what we’ve achieved so far, but we also deprive from our mind the positive energy needed to keep our mood up and to feel motivated to go for a bigger and more important goal we may have set.

If we make it a habit to celebrate our successes, we get used to the process of setting new goals and we consider it to be a natural part of the way we work rather than a procedure out of the ordinary, which causes stress, anxiety and fear of failure.



This is the most valuable tip that you must always remember to implement in every aspect of your life. You must believe in yourself and be proud of what you’ve achieved so far. Every person has some achievements to be proud of. Find out yours and write them down on a list. Every time you’re about to doubt about your abilities and strengths, remember this list. Use your inner power to support and motivate yourself and not to hold yourself back by focusing on your weaknesses and your fears. Everyone is afraid of something and this is absolutely normal. But then, it’s up to you to decide; are you going to waste all your strength and energy on being afraid or are you going to overcome this fear and decide to move forward? No one is going to believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself first.

Reflect your confidence to the world and go get the life you deserve!


_Valentina Kordi _

( Work & Life Coach )

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