What – Who – Where – Why – How - When

June 07, 2012
What – Who – Where – Why – How - When

This model is used by Coaches world-wide to help a client set and achieve the best goals. It is simple and powerful. You can learn it in 30 minutes. And, it is rich in benefits for you and your client.





What is the situation the client is in?

What are the symptoms you see?

What is the truth here? (What is really going on here?






Who is the client being right now?

Who was the client? (How did they used to be but have grown through?)

Who is the client, really, assuming their needs were taken care of? (Not who the client could be if needs are met.)






Where does the client want to go? (Goals the client wants to achieve.)

Where do I want the client to go? (My goals for the client.)

Where is the best place for the client to go? (Our mutual goals.)






Why does the client want these goals? (Motivation, purpose, vision.)

Why do I want these goals for the client? (Path of development.)

Why, really is the client going after what he/she is going after?






How will the client reach these goals? (Strategy to reach client goals.)

How will the client reach the goals I want for him/her? (My strategy.)

How can I help? (Coaches role.)





When will these goals be met? (Milestones, plan, where to start.)



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