The Role of the Coach

July 12, 2012
The Role of the Coach

A life coach acts as one who remains unattached throughout the coaching process. Coaches perform best when they encompass the following traits:

• Set appropriate boundaries and policies at the onset of the relationship


• Never talks about his or her own personal life while working with a client


• Let the client determine the agenda of each of the sessions


• Listen carefully and continually voice back what has been heard


• Ask powerful questions that cause the client to ‘think’


• Take the risk of not knowing all the answers


• Risk telling the client the truth


• Assist the client is setting realistic goals


• Actively help the client to plan a strategy


• Provide feedback and perspectives • Encapsulate the clients thoughts and fears


• Make powerful requests that deepen the clients process between sessions


• Provide homework that is helpful for active breakthroughs and think-tanks


• Always maintain professional standards and ethical guidelines

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