Releasing the Client

June 07, 2012
Releasing the Client

Everyone understands the concept of taking on a client. What is more difficult to comprehend is the knowledge that is required to know when to ‘FIRE’ a client.

There will come a time in your professional career that releasing a client is inevitable. Often times it is due to the client not showing up for sessions. Sometimes it is because the client refuses to do the work necessary to fulfill the desires. Sometimes it becomes clear that the client is not ready and will not benefit from the work at this time in his or her life.

If you get to a place whereby you feel that you are not the best coach for the client or that the process is not working well for the client, you have an ethical responsibility to release that client and refer him or her to someone else if that is a possibility. Here are some indications of a client that should be released:

• The client refuses to do the necessary work

• The client is emotionally needy

• You get the feeling that you are out of integrity with the client

• The client is continually ‘stuck’

• The client is clearly focusing on the past not the future

• The client does not take responsibility for his or her own thoughts or feelings

• You find that the client has addictive behaviors

• The client is continually out to sabotage him or herself

• The client is telling you what you want to hear – not the truth

• You find the sessions draining and not fruitful

• You cannot remain objective

• You have romantic or sexual feelings for the client


Sometimes clients don’t assume their proper role in the coach/client relationship. In these situations, ask the client to correct his or her behavior.

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