Creating the perfect coaching plan

September 03, 2013
Creating the perfect coaching plan

Every coach has his or her own unique way of coaching clients, but one thing every coach should have in common is the creation of a coaching plan.

The way you go about setting up your coaching plan should be unique, but it should also share some characteristics with techniques used by other coaches.  Here are some things to keep in mind when creating a coaching plan for your clients:


+   Build your coaching plan around the cause of the problem being addressed—not the end result. 

This is a difficult one for some who seek coaching to wrap their heads around.  We all want certain results, but the key to getting those results isn’t by actually focusing on them.   It’s by addressing the underlying weakness.  For example, if someone needs help communicating, your coaching plan should strike right at the heart of the underlying problem.  You must figure out why they are having this problem if you’re going to help them get results in dealing with it.


+   Develop your own coaching plan template. 

It doesn’t really matter how it looks, but this should be something you use with every single client.  Make sure you’ve got a space for goals, a space for the problem, and a separate space for the root cause of the problem.  This will help the person you are coaching understand exactly what they’re working on rather than the end result they want to achieve (which is probably already very clear to them).


+   Put your own coaching style into it. 

Just as no two coaches and no two coaching clients are the same, so no two coaching plans will be the same.  The template you draw up should accurately reflect not only the personality of your typical client, but your own as well.  Together you are a winning team, so you’ve got to find ways to utilize your strengths to help your client become the winner he or she can be.  One of the best ways to do this is by personalizing your coaching plan template.


Of course you didn’t become a coach without knowing a lot of other aspects of building the perfect coaching plan, like the creation of SMART (Specific - Measurable - Attainable - Realistic - Timely) goals. But by keeping these other thoughts in mind, you’ll be able to build a winning coaching plan every single time.


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